Wednesday, 30 May 2012

is their an issue if we dont appreciate ARMY,IAF???

yesterday was dominated by the movie "shourya" and for a person who often writes a blog,its natural that u cant avoid writing on defence people after seeing that movie...with INDIAN AIR FORCE (IAF) i have always been nostalgic (i would say defence,including army as well,to generalise).....why i dint preferred joining it(yes i had an opportunity to grab that cap),coz i dont find a difference between them and a jihaadi (a terrorist,m not going to google it,just to make sure that i have spelled it correctly)...both of them have been through a process called brain wash,but why a jihaadi(terrorists) is having such an image of beast,because he kills innocent people(brain wash in such a way that u ll get heaven...bla bla),(now read further sarcastically)but things with IAF is fine just coz they have been told to do so by the bigg bosses (politicians,PM and as they are good civilized people so the order is justified) to fight and kill,which is legal (humbug!) irrespective of the fact that the dushmans(say pak soldiers) are not fighting on their own will,they have also been told to do so by their bosses,watever it is,its always dushmans who are bad and we are good(sarcasm) ....(bloody vote banking) whats the difference between a leader of terrorists and the big bosses of a country-they want kashmir,and we dont want them to far as i have studied,KASHMIR IS A REASONABLE DISPUTE (HEY M NOT AN ISI AGENT ),i dont want to jump into WTC attack,coz from their (terrorists) point of view they were correct....if u are a good listener,u wont find anyone guilty coz from their point of view they are musharraf says "RAW is doing the same thing as ISI,but if ISI do that then u have a problem" a nutshell "THEIR WAY OF PROTESTING IS ILLEGITIMATE"
well to conclude it:
STILL A LOT OF RESPECT FOR DEFENCE PEOPLE FOR THEIR DETERMINATION AND BRAVERY COZ AFTERALL "agar hum jaise log border pe apni haddiya nahi gala rahe hote to tum log aise buddhijiviyo ki tarah baat nahi kar rahe hote"..SHOURYA IS CHANGING MY VIEWS...well life is a learning process,its not necessary to stick on a single rule,lets break our own rules and adapt the change! m GOING FOR CHANGE...coz being a critic is the most easy job done! and with the above pic u would be a bit inclined towards our jawaans...this is natural and human,we cant avoid it,infact i should say "we dont have enough guts to ignore it"..

Sunday, 27 May 2012

not an issue 'if u are not amazed while peeing'

yes it happens to me,seems like my best position is when i m peeing,coz i ll just stand on the pot and forget that wat i m here to do,after 10-15 min (i think so),when mummy will shout 'khaana lag gaya hai',then with a sudden jurk.........i dont know  wat i do in those spaces (certainly not invloved into something creative ;)) coz i m neither leonard sussind nor feynman who would try find meaning to every damn weird thing,like why  urine is not streamline as it approaches ground,how does gravity interact with a stream of.........i dont know how is it when a general public gazes up in the sky,or is involved in a thought process!
whatever it is its not something equipped with wave equations,coz the general public doesnt understand the language of nature (mathematics)...but is it mandatery to know mathematics??if so then what about vivekanand!! i have always hated philosophers,i would like to coin a word 'jobless' to them,i have came across different quotes not in agreement with each other,its for sure that philosophy is not to be generalised...but can we say mathematics could be???
what about a different condition,a different place where the ordinary,fundamental and damn obvious rules are not applicable?? indeed mathematics cant be generailised!
so its fine to pee like an ordinary public coz even the so called best brains are not sure of anything (the case of roger penrose...a complete rant) and as feynman said "I was born not knowing and have only had a little time to change that here and there"....cheers if you dont have a grudge of doing something extraordinary! is too short to ponder over and regretting ur mistakes!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

when everytime u are on the loosing side!

yesterday in a conversation wid my grandfather and listening to his story about how pleasant it was when he enjoyed the TEA at hotel TAJ,MUMBAI (they could not afford lunch) (before independence) and all those stories that because of the banner "indians are not allowed" in a hotel named,he said something "the great britain palace....he is 85 so the memories are fading.."jrd tata build TAJ coz of ego......,but he also mentioned  that "i have always been unlucky and on the loosing side"(i m avoiding th details)?and wid dis i was taken wid a shock,coz the same thing goes wid me....but as far as i know its genes which are transmitted not the "state of loosing"?

well yes it must be the way of working which i have inherited from my grandfather and hence i am also a looser,so it turns out that their is nothing called misfortune,auspicious or inauspicious,it is we who are completely responsible,QED by feynman says the same:
light does not have a choice of choosing a straight path,it takes all the possibility,this way,that way,but the probability of taking the straight path is maximum and it looks like light travels in a straight path,yes it looks like coz nothing is for certain,similarly the pathWHICH LEADS TO LOOSING SIDE SEEMS TO HAVE GREAT PROBABILITY FOR ME! i cant blame coz why a photon chooses only that path,i mean how he knows that it has to go that way only,WE DONT KNOW!! and thats the problem for physicist that they try to find reasons for every 'why'....o common atleast leave me,seriously i m no longer enjoying this state of being a looser,and u physicist are crazy,unsocial,even when u people are hurt,rather saying 'o god',u people start giving explanation to it in terms of quarks,leptons....FUCK!
but yes they have a lot of guts ;)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


how a person can be so much selfish that he concentrates only on how to strengthen his personal bank account,doesnt matter if it costs thousands of life?? I WAS WONDERING IF IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH ATHEISM??i was reading an article on chidambaram's role in 2G scam,and if you go with your conscience,then yes he was not ONLY guilty but the mastermind,and so i was developing a curiosity to know more about him,and then wikipedia says that he is an athiest!

i had a doubt that whats worth in having 15 digits figure in the bank at the cost of thousands of life! and that also you wont be able to spend that in your you can be so much self-centered ??
now the point is: the one who does not believe that their is someone at the top(god) who will ask explanations for all my sins,will never hesitate to do it (atheist)!...

its our fate(i dont know if its fortunate or unfortunate) that we are brought up in a society which values emotions and defines humanity as 'being human u should help ...(that mother teresa language)'...but the other way round the person who believes in making his own rules may develop a personality like this,and thats in that sense chidambaram (a graduate from oxford) is not a man who lacks value (previously i had misconceptions like this),that the one who is educated will not be involved into bribery bla bla...NO ISSUES...!  ,their is no problem in making some money (sorry plenty of them),it happens that for someone it goes like "A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy" and someone is maniac for money!..both is fine,i mean it should be fine,coz we the judge are also having some pre notions and so we would be inclined a bit towards a particular notion....but yeah chidambram u are maniac and that was not fair...:D ;)...look i m also a bit inclined towards einsteins saying!!!!!!!!