Saturday, 10 December 2011

sometimes i loose myself and i dont know,what i do in those spaces???

when your mother ask for a glass of water and you bring phone to her and she screams because of her hiccups and then u start pondering over that what i did meanwhile (well speculate only after giving her water :D)???well can we have equations for these abrupt behaviour,if possible then i should say that it would be reflecting thought of god...well physicist having talking about "theory of  everything" after the successful amalgamation of electricity and magnetism,their have been talks like that nature would be too simple to be governed by a single law which could explain everything..
i wonder how beautiful or atrocious that 1 inch formula would be coz it has to explain that why
 *dogs dont need a swimming trainer..(they know it by birth)
*monkeys cannot understand calculus...(its proved,their brain cant grasp)
i think we should understand that,if monkeys dont have the authority to understand calculus..then who gave us the right to understand the fundamental laws of nature....these weird experience like, :- you go for something and do something else is like, u can feel what an insane person would feel like (their is a fine difference between genius and crazy people) more thing we humans cant imagine 4th dimension,it was only the equations which provided the existence of 4-d and other hyperspaces,so how to think of that 1 inch formula which could explain everything....then what HAWKING is doing,well his journey is beautiful and thats all we are here to do..enjoying the question round and asking for answer to oneself!!!


  1. monkeys and dog part was funny... but the fact that the unification can be done is nothing but an intution that many great physicists have had... but guess what feynman neva believed in it

  2. he he...well its not that i have just blindly followed feynman..i have provided examples to support my own point (i doubt everyone :P)....anyways thanx for that mail...;)

  3. answer to ur first .. come to room no pg-2 , 222 at 11 30 pm....seriously no pj would be there.. and i guess u will be convinced. coz i seriously had lots of experience and research over that sorts of mistakes.... i guess u should be convinced but inch of doubt would be there coz u dont trust any1 even feynmann...

  4. Though i have forgotten physics long back I liked this article a lot... Thanks for your comment on my blog... really liked your blog too...