Monday, 23 May 2011


How you feel when you do something unexpected beyond your scope!actually we don’t have a proper word to express that feel…it will be injustice if we use one word among them (joy,pride,honoured) to express it!!!!!!!
i am in class 11,IIT maths coaching class is going on and teacher is busy in solving a problem along with toppers from last 30 minutes and being a part of ordinary public I am busy with my friends in discussing (you know!!!!)…..but suddenly you realise that you are here to study and you get back to the class and a sudden electric signals startles your brain..... and "I GOT IT,SO SIMPLE WHY SIR IS GIVING SO MUCH IMPORTANCE TO THIS QUESTION?that might be because he would be cautious about not to violate any law while solving, unlike me!"
Sir can I contribute something?
"sir I think I got it"?
OK..OK...OK..ALL RIGHT...."Good work"
Believe me I cant say from where this good work came without informing?????similarly when you crack a problem ‘challenged indirectly by your teacher with a cunning smile’,without touching pen….i don’t know how to express that feel,words would definitely fall short,but 1 thing "you feel like king OF THAT MOMENT"……
WELL WELL!!!!!!!!!What I feel is that this is what we call 'intuition', and now I am clear "WHY RAMANUJAN WAS CALLED PRINCE OF INTUITION"

Saturday, 14 May 2011


this was the time that was dominated by rabbits,squirrel,birds and i could stare for more than an hour!!!!but what i thought by looking at them that is lost..........but but but...i still remember how i struggled...........
spelling learning is going on,and mam is teaching
1) mango,children its man go,man is going........but i was concerned about who's going?????????????
2)carpenter (difficult one)....children its car pen ter,car and pen was fine...but what about ter????????

things should have been straight......lets recall a famous quote
well i never accepted alphabet 'L' AS 'L' BUT "no option in keyboard" until it was treesa pattrick mam(deadly luking like rhino......)

struggling like that i came to std. its
and homework was:
my answer was 6 in both case...........
it should have been 3+3=6,
3* classwork and...2 case in homework......
and in this way bond with studies weakened coz teacher didnt gave me attention just because my answer was wrong and that was not the time when  u are concerned about your academics,unlike classroom i was getting importance on the saga of cricket continued till class 9th when my maths teacher understood my problem......and then....atleast i got some nit....relief,hoooooh!!!!!!!!!1

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


every person is having his/her own calculation of everything that he
do in his life...ex:- for going to market,few people dress for an hour
and few doesnt mind going even in shorts without comb in
these two class will refer the other as insane coz their calculation
didnt matched and their mind framework is different......
now i m a person who is able to grasp the condition of both class of
people,it means i m perfect and they are defective.....       now
again this feeling of oversmartness that i m perfect and other is
defective is nothing but what an insane person thinks of
himself...thats why i say ''Is our existence just like god is sleeping

Thursday, 5 May 2011

i dont think NIT CALICUT sucks...

every1 over here is district topper,school topper,olympiad qualifier.....but i m a person who was a failure till class a bit of insecurity is in me! Unlike others my study started from rhombus,quadrilateral and it dates back to end of class 9 when i got interested in geometry and my interest shifted to maths from dis way i managed to develop my brain(coz of mathematics)but 1 thing was boosting me(JUST A POOR CONSOLATION,AN ESCAPE FRM REALITY) and that was air 5874 which many of my DESERVING frnds couldnt get,also not geting into iit's was still striking me because those who knew me closely were expecting more dan iit frm me......anyways its admission day and as usual my father is not wid me(dont know so many failures in my lyf,still my father thinks i am inteligent and can do anything).....well its rm no. 301 and my roommate is just opposite of me(arrogant,rampant,proudy.its difficult to adjust..though now he is a good frnd of mine) so i was excited for d 1st class..and its physics(relativity) by a fantastic prof....(E=mc2 is smthing of class 8 wen i saw a poster of einstein and was getin a feel(a different feel).since den i wanted to know about this lecture was smthing special to me...days passed and acordng to my nature is alone widout any frnd..only buks and phone calls thrice a day from mom......den a frnd circle(different characters,but i know how to mix )..many trips wid frnds and bond wid books weakened,i managed to lie wid my mother widout hiccups and a new lyf welcomes me..frnd circle increased and dipped in fun d time wheel reached 1st sem xam..i JUST MANAGEd coz subjects were of my frequency,smwat i breaked my father's confidence on per ENERGY CONSERVATION 2nd sem was just reverse and once again i am alone wid few good people and want to remain so(no need of suckers)....a lot of experience and good lesson frm nit calicut....I DONT THINK NIT CALICUT SUCKS.