Tuesday, 8 May 2012


how a person can be so much selfish that he concentrates only on how to strengthen his personal bank account,doesnt matter if it costs thousands of life?? I WAS WONDERING IF IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH ATHEISM??i was reading an article on chidambaram's role in 2G scam,and if you go with your conscience,then yes he was not ONLY guilty but the mastermind,and so i was developing a curiosity to know more about him,and then wikipedia says that he is an athiest!

i had a doubt that whats worth in having 15 digits figure in the bank at the cost of thousands of life! and that also you wont be able to spend that in your lifetime...how you can be so much self-centered ??
now the point is: the one who does not believe that their is someone at the top(god) who will ask explanations for all my sins,will never hesitate to do it (atheist)!...

its our fate(i dont know if its fortunate or unfortunate) that we are brought up in a society which values emotions and defines humanity as 'being human u should help ...(that mother teresa language)'...but the other way round the person who believes in making his own rules may develop a personality like this,and thats fine...so in that sense chidambaram (a graduate from oxford) is not a man who lacks value (previously i had misconceptions like this),that the one who is educated will not be involved into bribery bla bla...NO ISSUES...!  ,their is no problem in making some money (sorry plenty of them),it happens that for someone it goes like "A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy" and someone is maniac for money!..both is fine,i mean it should be fine,coz we the judge are also having some pre notions and so we would be inclined a bit towards a particular notion....but yeah chidambram u are maniac and that was not fair...:D ;)...look i m also a bit inclined towards einsteins saying!!!!!!!!


  1. well if thats the case we have got always the reasons for anything we do.....jumping from 2o storey building or raping ur relative killing ur parents or looting sbi branch in patna.. we alll have reason just a 16 bit mind is enough for that and we got millions terra byte.. please put ur words......further

  2. Liked the post....One thing...this has nothing to do with Atheism. Hope I'm right.

  3. @ranjana...:D thats also fine....:D

  4. Hey Deepraj, I too don't think so; that atheism has anything to do with it. Atheists just don't believe in God. It doesn't mean they are are bad. They'd be offended if you equated them with corrupt politicians :).
    It's sad when we pin our hopes on well-educated politicians and they let us down.

    1. ya i never generalised it...i know people like hawking,obviously they are not bad :D but yeah even they are not bad,its just that we consider it bad,coz we have been taught so...anyways i surrender on a topic like this...:D;)