Friday, 13 April 2012

stages of admiring a bureaucrat!

first thing that attracts u is the RED siron and movie 'gangajal'
then comes the bunglow

then one day you yourself experience the pain of standing for an hour in the queue outside his office,that also for his office stamp (not his signature!)

then one day you witness his squad while he is moving to his office

then one day a constable abuses you just because your vehicle is not parked properly,and you feel like "karle beta,3 saal baad tu mujhe salaam maarega" (overconfident stage)

if their is an order from administration then you start discussing wid your peers that this is not done,it should have been so nd so (the interfering stage!) and feeling like DM sahab on your own,,:D

then you feel like "dad one day i will make u proud" (an emotional stage when u come to know their are 6 lak aspirants and only 920 makes it!)

u will connect more if you belong to bihar or up or any state jaha "wardi ki garmi" zyaada hoti hai...;)
as u can see from the pic that presently i am in "the interfering stage"

Sunday, 8 April 2012


i am not a scientist...i have always waited for something called intuition,that an equation like e=mc2 will come to me...i have lived with a belief that a physicist have a spark of ideas like a genius,he is not an ordinary person,its just all about the beautiful mind that he have,which distinguishes him from ordinary goes like "when a scientist gazes up in the sky he sees something different,not only stars,but clusters of stars,which is galaxy with black hole in its centre...and something extraordinary like this",his thoughts are not ordinary and may be thats why he lives in 11th dimension!
now comes the explanation of feynman about how a 'law' is made:
1). first we make a guess. (this is something which shook me)
2). then we compute the consequences of the guess.....
3). if it disagrees with the expected result,its wrong....
the first point was sufficient for me to boost myself....strange! feynman also used to guess! their is nothing called like magic and he dint had intuition!!!its just about the so called "thinking process" in which he was involved since childhood and so at the dusk of his life he bacame the so called FEYNMAN! if an ordinary person is ready to devote a great deal of time in the subject matter,then he becomes a scientist! (these are the PROFOUND words of feynman)