Wednesday, 30 May 2012

is their an issue if we dont appreciate ARMY,IAF???

yesterday was dominated by the movie "shourya" and for a person who often writes a blog,its natural that u cant avoid writing on defence people after seeing that movie...with INDIAN AIR FORCE (IAF) i have always been nostalgic (i would say defence,including army as well,to generalise).....why i dint preferred joining it(yes i had an opportunity to grab that cap),coz i dont find a difference between them and a jihaadi (a terrorist,m not going to google it,just to make sure that i have spelled it correctly)...both of them have been through a process called brain wash,but why a jihaadi(terrorists) is having such an image of beast,because he kills innocent people(brain wash in such a way that u ll get heaven...bla bla),(now read further sarcastically)but things with IAF is fine just coz they have been told to do so by the bigg bosses (politicians,PM and as they are good civilized people so the order is justified) to fight and kill,which is legal (humbug!) irrespective of the fact that the dushmans(say pak soldiers) are not fighting on their own will,they have also been told to do so by their bosses,watever it is,its always dushmans who are bad and we are good(sarcasm) ....(bloody vote banking) whats the difference between a leader of terrorists and the big bosses of a country-they want kashmir,and we dont want them to far as i have studied,KASHMIR IS A REASONABLE DISPUTE (HEY M NOT AN ISI AGENT ),i dont want to jump into WTC attack,coz from their (terrorists) point of view they were correct....if u are a good listener,u wont find anyone guilty coz from their point of view they are musharraf says "RAW is doing the same thing as ISI,but if ISI do that then u have a problem" a nutshell "THEIR WAY OF PROTESTING IS ILLEGITIMATE"
well to conclude it:
STILL A LOT OF RESPECT FOR DEFENCE PEOPLE FOR THEIR DETERMINATION AND BRAVERY COZ AFTERALL "agar hum jaise log border pe apni haddiya nahi gala rahe hote to tum log aise buddhijiviyo ki tarah baat nahi kar rahe hote"..SHOURYA IS CHANGING MY VIEWS...well life is a learning process,its not necessary to stick on a single rule,lets break our own rules and adapt the change! m GOING FOR CHANGE...coz being a critic is the most easy job done! and with the above pic u would be a bit inclined towards our jawaans...this is natural and human,we cant avoid it,infact i should say "we dont have enough guts to ignore it"..

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  1. I liked the last line, which said it all...

    "we dont have enough guts to ignore it"..