Tuesday, 25 October 2011

kahani khatam hai ya shuruaat hone ko hai??

god plz sign a bond with me which says that "i will not be involved in a ratrace of working under someone to earn money and become wealthy enough to buy a ferrari...."
i am not sure about what would be my state of mind(say when i am completed with my engineering),but i thing is for sure that i would surely be a looser if i go against my physics fantasy and work in some software company!!!!
my aim is not to condemn computer science,i just want to work for my pleasure....how can i condemn anything from my frame of reference,its evedent from the fact that people like steve jobs had pleasure in this field....its awesome,i can realize this,since i am a student of computer science but i cannot see the beauty,which few of my colleagues do,i am all the time amazed by the new glories of new generation computers,but i cant think anything new on my own,which is against my soul,i can think the algorithm but i am a DAMN POOR translator,and i dont like being bound.....
while reading this,u may not get the connections in each line,i said na damn poor translator of feelings......is their anyone who can get those feelings....????
if i get this "anyone" then surely i can reach ultimate(not real ultimate but my own feeling of ultimate) and if not then let god decide my destiny!!!!

Sunday, 16 October 2011


good morning mummy....breakfast ready...(then i looked at wall clock) !but its just 7 now??
she said.."first take bath,it was grahan (eclipse) yesterday" (in our hindu mythology,we are bound to some stupidity like this!)..and this statement was something so weird that my nerves went high,and i started explaining her that it was in eclipse when scientists proved that its not necessary for light to travel in a straight line!
and this is the difference that we people take bath and wash our brain,if the moon comes in between eatrh and sun,then whats your problem .i mean it does not make a sense.....
watever!she didnt care and i dint get food until i took bath...
2nd may,2011..how can i forget this day,it was my birthday and my mother was forcing me to go temple with her,actually these things does not make a sense to me??i refused to go,and then.....came the explanations  about why i could not do well in 1st year and many such negatives were coined,and the reason was "this evil is happening just coz god is not happy with you,since you are making such statements"...,and some more astrology accompanied with insanity was successful to persuade me to go to temple....
and now its my turn to show some physics,i asked her why you offer milk to idols??have he asked u that he want (something which has amino acids,4%protein,4.8% lactose)..??the basic constituent of matter is energy(vice-versa true),which is in form of vibrations,so everything is made up of those vibrating energies,its just that a specific arrangement of those packets makes it atom of carbon,oxygen.....
so he wont mind if you offer water(and it would be cheap as well),i mean he wont say that "no i want this set of vibrations(which yields amino acids)"
and she dint get anything.........poor me!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

definately (not five fingers)

what if i take off my hands from pocket and its having 4 fingers...??
well..i wonder how the nature would adapt the change in itself,if (mass of proton was 1.57 not 1.667(approx)
if we could see thing not in a flash,i mean not in 1/c seconds(which is too fast) but a bit slow..i mean that (say the hall is 640 m long and speed of light is 320 m/s,so their would be a natural delay of 2 seconds to see the person standing at the other corner) actually we dont notice that whatever we see is 1/c seconds older...it would have been something so funny if  c=1000m/s(say) and not 3*10^8 m/s....
how things would appear??aaah...a complete drama....
is everything planned that for so and so species on so so planet (h and o combined in 2:1 ratio will do the job)??
i mean why the creator will show extra love for 2:1???
i just want to have this answer.... is every number beauty in itself.....what if golden ratio was not 1.68??how things would have changed????

i am WEAK!

as a daily routine,every night at 11:30 or 12:00, i walk the campus with a cup of tea and feynman dominating the chat....and those beautiful lonely roads with silence embeded in,as if its having some great gossips stored in it (say 50 years back of someone...?).anyways...
but today (in my life of 19 years) i have seen someone dying,and i could not do anything , my walk of campus includes ELHC as well (ELHC is the classroom complex where 2nd,3rd,4th year classes are taken,and today at 8:30 morning (approx)..a student of 4th year commited suicide (i dont want to comment if it was a suicide or some mental disorder or watever!!!)
so being an emotional person (mmm..ya emotional).. i was disturbed for the whole day,lull!
with such memories (that bleeding face revolving around MY head) how could i cross those roads..????now this is all about how few familiar things refuses to recognise u!as those scary (scary from now) ROADS did to me!!..i have to choose another commonly used path to complete my walk....previosly it was like "I CHOOSE THE PATH LESS TRAVELLED BY..."
pal me paraaya kar diya....
yes! I AM WEAK........