Tuesday, 22 May 2012

when everytime u are on the loosing side!

yesterday in a conversation wid my grandfather and listening to his story about how pleasant it was when he enjoyed the TEA at hotel TAJ,MUMBAI (they could not afford lunch) (before independence) and all those stories that because of the banner "indians are not allowed" in a hotel named,he said something "the great britain palace....he is 85 so the memories are fading.."jrd tata build TAJ coz of ego......,but he also mentioned  that "i have always been unlucky and on the loosing side"(i m avoiding th details)?and wid dis i was taken wid a shock,coz the same thing goes wid me....but as far as i know its genes which are transmitted not the "state of loosing"?

well yes it must be the way of working which i have inherited from my grandfather and hence i am also a looser,so it turns out that their is nothing called misfortune,auspicious or inauspicious,it is we who are completely responsible,QED by feynman says the same:
light does not have a choice of choosing a straight path,it takes all the possibility,this way,that way,but the probability of taking the straight path is maximum and it looks like light travels in a straight path,yes it looks like coz nothing is for certain,similarly the pathWHICH LEADS TO LOOSING SIDE SEEMS TO HAVE GREAT PROBABILITY FOR ME! i cant blame coz why a photon chooses only that path,i mean how he knows that it has to go that way only,WE DONT KNOW!! and thats the problem for physicist that they try to find reasons for every 'why'....o common atleast leave me,seriously i m no longer enjoying this state of being a looser,and u physicist are crazy,unsocial,even when u people are hurt,rather saying 'o god',u people start giving explanation to it in terms of quarks,leptons....FUCK!
but yes they have a lot of guts ;)


  1. gud to not converse with u always so consistently :P.. kuch naya to milta hai blog mein padhne ko.. i njoyed reading... :)

  2. he he...yup but it means i dont forget anything and when i speak something i really mean it...;)