Monday, 19 March 2012

we all are born as a scientist!

we all are born as a scientist,gazing up in the night sky and wondering whats out their?? i devote a great deal of time playing with kids and it reminds me of my questioning attitude....infact when a kid asks to his mom "from where did i came",he really mean it!!he is into a habit of a 'why'....i remember when as a kid i was informed that most of the stars are bigger than earth,i was in a state of complete disarray ,actually for me it was like small  twinking ants which are inside earth and we were also living inside the earth (the globe in classroom created this confusion),i was lost somewhere after listening this,the fact that mom has bought a toy for me was lost,may be thats why hawking said that information is lost in black hole,against the most fundamental  law of physics....and i kept on thinking..never accepted this fact till i was in class 7th and felt it on my own,i think the state of thinking beyond your limits is blackhole,where human thought cant go,and hence we speculate (coz we can only speculate) that their MAY be wormholes at the end of balckhole,shortcut in spaces,MAY be connecting other universe (i used MAY)...(still these are myths like tsunami is caused by moons pull!)
i had sleepless nights thinking what will happen if the sky falls,and at a point of time i felt like giving up,then a time came when i was grown up and the menance of sky falling was no longer their...we can achieve anything sometimes by mistake,sometimes deliberately!!coz we all are born as a scientist,god does not play dice by making someone einstein,we all are born as a scientist!!!