Tuesday, 28 February 2012


it was sunday-a holiday and just to get out of the boredum,i asked my dad about his work (my father is manager of a branch posted in rural area of bihar,a bank employee),like how is it to interact with the people living in 20th century,i was aware of the fact that its a nice topic to avoid the boredum because he will be able to bring the contrast very nicely coz he himself is experiencing the contrast by spending 8 hours in 20th century and remaining in 21st century :
he started like - ya the people are innocent,illiterate....and the common awareness that we all share about village life...i interrupted him in the middle and asked to say about his work and how people react and interact ..... :
(dad continued...)
see actually they dont know that its government who is giving money (loan and different gov. schemes including central and state),they feel as if its me who is giving the money on some conditions (and so they assume that i am having a cordial relationship with manager) and so they will happily offer 2000 rs(if 10000 is the loan amount),this is just a one case,their are situations when farmers (even those who are aware of their rights)are compelled to give the bribery in order for the bank loan to be sanctioned,to be precise getting a loan for farmer is like fixing a meeting with the prime minister,and so if one succeeds,he will happily offer.....(obviously he is my father so i will be praising him, but its true that he is not into bribery,because he thinks like (he told me)...the one (farmer) who is not aware of the fact that the one whome i m regarding as my god (branch manager) and so happily offering him 20% of the sum..,will one day become the cause of my suicide if i am unable to pay it back.....and i (me) am sure that the one(my father) who thinks into such a depth (who is aware of such innocence) wont take bribe from one who is already dead and is having some spark for his life when he comes at the footstep of bank!!!
now for example:
if chidambaram (who is accused for the 2-g scam) and is often said to have a share of 50000 crores in it,if he thinks for some time that the money that i m going to invest in my swiss bank account (which i could never use,obviously income tax wont allow him to  buy a ferrrari),could provide employement to millions of youngster starving for food (YES THE INDIA OF ABDUL KALAM (youth) IS STARVING!),then he wont have done.....(he was the then finance-minister of country and is an alumunus of harvard business school..feel the contrast,may be thats why our constitution says for becoming a politician you dont need qualifications!).......
father continued in his bravado and this time i was completely perplexed and my anticipation was completely wrong: (PAY SOME ATTENTION TO THIS)
last day their was a case when we were on the recovery with police team,and the farmer was given threatnings to pay the amount within ...otherwise next time (dabangg language of police,get it) and the amount was 600 rs. only(yeah only suits here not for the draft of "1600 crores only" used in 2g scam!) and my father knew that he wont be able to pay it back with his 3 daughters and 2 son along with his wife struggling to manage basic necessity for life....i was amazed to my max. and said my father (in a rude voice)why dint u paid??(now with more arrogance)anyways from nxt time you reduce my monthly allowance by that much amount,if such cases are their??? he said if i do so then i wont be left with anything,forget your allowances,coz this is the general case!!!!!
seriously the boredum was apppreciable than this abominable lull of silence,never knew that the newspaper looks so obvious to my father (i dont read newspaper coz of the negative news they carry and its almost in every article,some negative msg,maybe positive also but negative energy attracts me more)

Friday, 24 February 2012

i dont appreciate a disciplined life!

discipline??? dont you have the box called brain,cant you adjust as per the requirements....now i have come across people who will be like,sleep at 10 so as to get up early in the morning (say 4 am)take bath,doesnt matter if its f****g 2 degree centigrade...
if this is the case then certainly i dont want to spend the so called "slave" disciplined life,yes slave of your sick thought,may be guided by someone,whatever it is,its slavery for sure...
some deviations and flexibity should be permitted,this frustration of mine is coming out just because i admired army (defence people a lot),i liked their routine life,oh! f***,rather i should say a f****g monotonous slave life,they dont have a mission as such,they will just wait for the orders from top and that top again from top,which at the apex will turn out to be few people adamant on their words (say prez of the country declared a war),so in simple words it turned out to be "conflict of principles" of the two dictators (yeah DICTATOR)....
i dont like a disciplined life!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

"thank god" i can say this when in trouble

 their are sayings which says that it (everything) started on its own,these are very basic doubts and few obsessed people may hesitate to ponder over it,but what gives so much courage to be an athiest....obviously we dont know about the concept of deities,and it does not seems to be promising too,but still i am not an athiest....
now the one who is an athiest and his antagonist have a great contrast,humans cant visualise and feel 4-d,its just mathematics,which laid the foundation of hyperspaces...similarly an athiest can believe that he may read "the mind of god(okay okay the concept of origin and an answer to why)" but an extraordinary physicist (not an athiest) who believes in some supernatural energy, will quit his ultimate voyage (reading the mind of god)just because he knows that our brain has some limitations and pondering over to get ultimate may  be a waste of time,rather lets spend that time in the development of mankind!
or is it fractals which leaves us with enough confidence to reject the idea of god??