Sunday, 27 May 2012

not an issue 'if u are not amazed while peeing'

yes it happens to me,seems like my best position is when i m peeing,coz i ll just stand on the pot and forget that wat i m here to do,after 10-15 min (i think so),when mummy will shout 'khaana lag gaya hai',then with a sudden jurk.........i dont know  wat i do in those spaces (certainly not invloved into something creative ;)) coz i m neither leonard sussind nor feynman who would try find meaning to every damn weird thing,like why  urine is not streamline as it approaches ground,how does gravity interact with a stream of.........i dont know how is it when a general public gazes up in the sky,or is involved in a thought process!
whatever it is its not something equipped with wave equations,coz the general public doesnt understand the language of nature (mathematics)...but is it mandatery to know mathematics??if so then what about vivekanand!! i have always hated philosophers,i would like to coin a word 'jobless' to them,i have came across different quotes not in agreement with each other,its for sure that philosophy is not to be generalised...but can we say mathematics could be???
what about a different condition,a different place where the ordinary,fundamental and damn obvious rules are not applicable?? indeed mathematics cant be generailised!
so its fine to pee like an ordinary public coz even the so called best brains are not sure of anything (the case of roger penrose...a complete rant) and as feynman said "I was born not knowing and have only had a little time to change that here and there"....cheers if you dont have a grudge of doing something extraordinary! is too short to ponder over and regretting ur mistakes!


  1. not everyone comes to conclusion or not even gets the result doesnt rule him out of the "trying category" for the 1st para

  2. last line was good sounded cool i dunno abt its practicality in our case