Wednesday, 9 November 2011


(refer,to get some more feel...)
the man sharing the compartment of b1 bogey was certainly "master of all trades and jack of none" (i know the quote..:P)...but one thing was for sure that he was not into civil services,coz he told me that he was working for some security system!..thats why i asked him so "aapne written to nikal hi liya hoga interview me disqualified ho gaye honge" (knowing the fact that he was an iitian)....well you know the best part is that people respect IAS,IPS because of their power and status in the society,believe me!spend a night with them (no negatives...:P),you will respect them as a person (A FULL PACKAGE OF A BALANCED HUMAN BEING.ignore exceptions)....
after using source we could make only one confirm ticket (took waiting 1.5 months ago) and wen i asked him about when he planned going to chennai (actually we were going to chennai),he said 2 days back and i wondered that how come he could get a confirm ticket,then i thought he must be a high official in company,but i was a fool (why high official of a private firm would travel in train),i could have guessed that he must be a higher govt. official!!!!
well.....he never wanted to share that he was ips,dont know if he was on some special task,so that he had to keep his identity confidential or he considered me a kid who was not mature enough to talk serious..??actually my question was damn annoying thats why he had to reveal his identity,ab yaar tu kisi ips ko bolega ki upsc ka interview nahi nikla hoga tere se to uski jalegi na!!! ROFL....but avinash bhaiya believe me jab aapne apna contact card diya na to meri itni buri lagi thi ki i am writing part 2 after 1.5 years of the incidence..;)