Saturday, 18 June 2011

useless and meaningless

"tsunami is caused by moons pull",gravity is no word,its just a feel which gets stronger n stronger near dense mass(say a heavenly body and so the time dilation.....watever!)
wat i feel is, if its moon responsible for specs?coz starring at it may bring it closer (in feel) and so a virtual gravity might may be swallowing my vision(this is a law from has no resemblance to reality)

wait!!!!!or its mark zuckerberg????well thiis one seems to be more appropriate and reasonable in my case coz now i am not a kid who would be fanatic about moon but facebook!!!!!!!!!!
3 days back i said mom "could you see the rabbit in moon?”I mean is it a cloudy day or what,…actually moon is looking vague and stars are really out of reach!!!!!!!!!!
She said –“I think you need an eye specialist”
You mean I am loosing my vision and it’s a clear sky and you could see that rabbit as well!!!!
Oh no!! and now i am  ainvaayi looking decent......(useless and meaningless!) to the kind of stuff i have!!!!!!!


  1. well written............i dont know wat u exactly trying to it the very cause of tsunami or u are explaining the 'rigorous' process from which u came to knw dat you need an eye especialist.............but any ways its appreciable........'jhajee' rocks again

  2. abey not that serious...itna mat soch!!!!he he

  3. 22>21 hmmmmmmmm kya baaat hai....pura tarakki......