Sunday, 4 December 2011

i dont feel frightened by not knowing things...

we say that it was 14 billion years ago,when god started another company??i mean if it was another company or has he just started his business???watever! the former is multiverse and later universe...anyways i dont have to know an answer (feynman said)..thats fine indeed!...people says time slows down near dense mass,since spacetime bends (citation needed) is this slowing of time all about that 1 year compresses to 6 months (say)...if so then i am completely screwed
also 14 billion is caliberated with respect to what? is it with our earth's present condition???because time at black whole wont tick saying this i mean (okay leave black hole) lets take a heavenly body x where time would dilate by a factor of 1/ with respect to x the company started 7 billions years ago and for black hole,well they say that we are reverse of wat happened after big bang and time is not a concern over here,we have secrets of its strange to ponder over such things because for the same businessmen,its one shop says that my owner is 14 billion worth and other says no its 7 billion only????
this is certainly not the way it really is...!!!
another theory of expansion and then compression and so on...seems to fit into the philosophy of infinite past and future of the universe but the moment when cosmoligists say that the first tick of clock happened 14 billion years ago,its pain in ass,because one might question why god was too late or why he was lunatic about the figure 14 billion?????....well lets switch of the lights and be unconcious..good night :D

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